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danwookeyHello, and welcome to my personal website and blog.

The thoughts, musings and opinions stated here are my own, and do not reflect the opinion of any organisation, charity or business that I work for or with.

I hope you enjoy reading about my work and life, please feel free to get in touch.


My name is Dan Spencer, and for over 15 years i’ve enjoyed creating websites and publishing my work online. From th early days of HTML, through early content management systems and on to modern social media, I have published a variety of websites over the years – many of which are still around today. In late 2013, after 4 years working in emergency planning, I realised that I could make my living doing something that has always been a hobby, and my business, Penguin-Web, was born. I have also always enjoyed organising and running events, training and team building activities, which has led to an exciting new project which is at the early stages (sorry to be cryptic – but can’t say too much more at this stage!)

Outside of work, I volunteer for Bath Scouts as a Group Scout Leader, and can usually be found on my evenings and weekends organising activities and events, or driving a minibus around some remote part of the country!

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